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November 03, 2009


Swamp Thing

I don't feel strongly about it until folks start calling it "a hunt." Sitting in a stand, over a baited, domestic animal who is used to receiving feed & care from humans is a SHOOT, not a HUNT.

I guess "high fences" is a nice way of saying "canned hunt." Out my way, we do participate in "preserve shoots" (another nice way of putting it) for game birds, and again, as long as the participants don't claim that they were "on a hunt," then it is what it is. A deer, or quail, or pheasant, is something that you can buy as a domesticated animal and harvest it for meat. That meat is better for us than beef and pork. So...whatever...just don't call it a "hunt"!


Dont call it a "Hunt"? Ha... I hunt in a high fence facility in the south that is owned by a family member. He is obviously wealthy and just wants mid-west quality whitetails without going around the entire country to do so. As far as not refering to it as a "hunt", I have heard that on many, many, many occasions. However, people have a huge misconception when it comes to this. In 2007 we had 9 hunters out on the opening morning of rifle season. Not one deer was seen that morning. Dispite what people think, there are no rope burns on the deers necks, and you dont see deer on every hunt. Now, I also understand that like everything else in the world, some individuals have given this method a black eye and that is very unfortunate. Let me as you this. Driving dogs is huge down here, is that hunting? Being one of 30 hunters, drawing a number, forming a wall of hunters that wont allow anything to slip through the barrier while the dog does the work and some kid drops the first deer he sees. These people cant understand why the only have spikes and cant get any big deer. I will close with this one question and I want you to answer it honestly. Lets say you have an overwhelming passion for hunting deer. Its all you think about. You spend 4k-6k planting food plots, scouting, spotting, etc. You have also set strict guidelines on how you plan on managing your property. Opening morning you see a young buck with a word of potential. You watch in admiration of whats to come. This same buck ventures across the property line and is taken by a hunter that has benifited from your labor. Now, taking that into consideration, you just came into enough money to do what YOU want to do. You can pass on what you want to pass on, and call your own shots. You plant the proper feed and by the time you add up the bills you have exceeded nearly 100k for the year considering your supplemental year around feeders and food plots and equipment and so on and so on. You get the picture. You have put your heart into it and this place is all yours. 5 years later your seeing the fruits of your labor. The same buck that the other hunter shot is now a full blown B&C monster and throught proper management you made it happen. Now, my question is simple. Would you do it?

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The debate over high fence hunting vs. fair chase rages on. Here are a few arguments in favor of high fences.

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