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June 06, 2008


Jon Smith

With the price of ammo going up that is all any one is going to be able to shoot.


The first gun I owned was a cheap pellet gun. Why does someone need to start with an expensive piece when they may give it up?

Moultrie Feeders

An inexpensive pellet gun is a great way to introduce someone to shooting. It is probably the way most people do get introduced to shooting. There are pellet guns that fit everyone’s budget.

pellet rifles

I agree with Feeders, because when I was a kid it took selling many newspapers to save for my Daisy Air Rifle. I am glad they still have inexpensive air rifles around. Shoot everything has gong up in price, except the entry air rifles.

Mr. Hunting Scopes

I started shooting as just a wee little kid and got a shot gun for my 12th b-day and was pretty good with it. After reading your article it probaly was do in big part that the air guns I shot didn't have any recoil so I was steady and did not flinch. I will be teaching my children in this way .
Thanx for the great tip.

Roy Slater

I've been looking for a good air rifle for my son. What would you suggest if I was looking for a first gun for him? I'm not quite sure what to get, any suggestions?

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