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The weather was hot and dry and I soon learned that even with the exploding deer herd in the Black Belt area, this hunt was not going to be a "gimme." Alabama deer are tough to hunt. And though there are definitely more of them per acre than in most states, they can be elusive. Follow along as outdoor writer Mike Lambeth shares several proven hunting tips that professional Alabama hunters Eddie Salter and Larry Norton use to help them consistently take giant whitetail deer.

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Moultrie's Web Site Has a New Look
Moultrie's New Website Moultrie is proud to announce a new look to our web site. The new site was designed with you, our customers, in mind. Not only have we made the site much more user-friendly, it is now your source for game management. From products to information, Moultire's site has you covered. If you are searching for information on game management, check out our Hunting Resource area. Browse our library of tips and articles as well as watch hunting videos. Moultrie's Grow the Hunt Blog is packed full of great hunting tips and techniques and can now be easily reached right from our homepage.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
So you have some nice bucks showing up pretty regularly on your game camera, here are a few tips to help make sure that you are able to keep them around until the season opens:
  • When you go to check on your trail camera be sure to pay close attention to your scent. Take the same precautions that you would if you were hunting the area. Use a product like Code Blue's EliminX to control your scent.
  • After checking your game camera be sure to wipe it down with a scent prevention product. Code Blue's Field Wipes are perfect for eliminating any trace of human scent from your camera.
  • Many animals, like bears and elk, are drawn to trail cameras because of the human odor. Their curiosity can lead to a damaged camera. Eliminating the scent before you leave will help ensure that your camera stays in one place, and one piece.
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  • For the hunter on the go! Don't skimp on scent elimination. Drop a pack in your pocket or hunting pack and wipe away odors.
  • Use Field Wipes to keep hunting gear scent free
  • Perfect for wiping away human scent left on scouting cameras
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