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No, this is not your wife speaking. But it's true that to have success in anything you do you need to learn how to successfully communicate - the same holds true in hunting. Whitetail bucks communicate several ways. Grunting is a form of communication, and anyone who has ever seen a confrontation between a dominant and a subordinate buck knows that these critters display very telling body language as another form of communication. But the most common form of communication between bucks is through scents.

Deer Communication
A New Break through in Dispensing Scent
Scent Boss Pattern game using a scent dispenser that is unlike any other - it works! Many dispensers on the market rely on the heat of the sun to expand the bag for urine to drip, not Moultrie's new Scent Boss. The Scent Boss uses an electronic pump that is battery operated for dependability and the day/night sensor lets you determine if you want scent dispensed once or twice a day. Don't waste money dripping scent all day long, Scent Boss drips for a consecutive 16 seconds. Visit the scrape once and never disturb again.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Tips for Using the Scent Boss
  • During the rut play two Scent Bosses off each other. Fill one with buck urine and the other with doe estrous scent and place over a mock or real scrap.
  • Create your mock scrapes in or near funnels.
  • Avoid "edge" scrapes. Those scrapes along a fence row or a crop field edge often are perimeter scrapes created at night.
  • Play the wind when positioning your stand near a mock scrape. Bucks often scent check the scrape from a distance prior to working it.
Product for the Season
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