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Does your buck have what it takes to win? Moultrie wants to see that monster buck you're after this season. Submit your photo now and you'll be entered to win weekly prizes. If your photo is chosen as a weekly winner, you're photo will be eligible for the Grand Prize of a Game Spy Camera Package. You can't win if you don't enter, so submit your photo today!

Monster Buck Contest
Patience is a Virtue
Chad Hane's Backyard Buck Bowhunter Chad Hane learned a valuable lesson in patience after sighting four huge bucks at the deer feeder in his backyard. Hane spent 52 sleepless nights worrying if he'd ever get a crack at the great deer. Hane estimates he fed the four bucks nearly 1,000 pounds of sweet corn over the two month period. Like clockwork the bucks would appear at the feeder at first light, and reappear at last light before vanishing into the woods nearby. Find out how Hane was able to harvest this 29-point backyard buck.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
You have worked hard all year trying to harvest a great deer. Why not capture that sense of accomplishment on camera. After all "a picture is worth a thousand words". Here are a few tips for taking a great harvest photo.
  • Wear your hunting clothes
  • Find a spot that reflects the area you killed the deer
  • Clean the animal up if it's bloody (a towel soaked in water does the trick)
  • Shoot the rack from several angles to capture the buck's best side
  • Last, but not least, don't forget to smile. After all, you have just harvested a great deer
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