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According to an article written by wildlife biologist Chas Moore, managing whitetail deer populations is very important to many landowners and land managers. Whitetail deer are the most hunted game animal in Alabama and throughout the nation. The article, posted by Outdoor Alabama, states that the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Divisions of each state's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is responsible for establishing the framework for deer hunting, but the ultimate manager is the hunter. Hunters face many choices depending on their deer management objectives.

Deer Management During the Season
Introducing the New "Grow the Hunt" Blog
Grow the Hunt, The Blog Moultrie is pleased to announce the launch of "Grow the Hunt" - a blog dedicated to game management. Moultrie has spent the last 30 years building a brand name through quality products that game managers trust. Our goal with this blog is to give our readers the firsthand knowledge of two hunters who have made game management their passion. Join Brandon Wikman and Randy "Coop" Cooper every week as they plant food plots, scout game and, most importantly, hunt.
Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
The National Wild Turkey Federation posted the following tips to help your local Conservation Law Enforcement Officer:
  • Keep a cell phone with you and call your local department of conservation as soon as you witness an illegal act
  • Notify officers if you spot someone hunting out of season
  • Participate in your state's Operation Game Thief or other outdoor crime stopper programs
  • Be safe, never confront poachers or trespassers
  • If the person leaves before an officer arrives, try to get a license plate number or physical description of the suspect.
  • Help keep trespassers off your property by posting "No Hunting" signs
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