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"Many hunters spend hundreds and maybe thousands of hours hunting trophy bucks on their property that don't exist", says David Hale of Knight&HaleTM. "I learned that by using a motion-sensor camera, I could determine if a piece of property had the size of buck I wanted to hunt before I ever hunted that land."

David Hale Speaks on Game Cameras
Deer Caught on Film!
Deer Caught on Film!
Visit Moultrie's Photo Gallery to see what pictures hunters just like you have captured with their Moultrie digital cameras. Scroll through first-hand testimonial and view photos of trophy bucks just waiting to be taken this season. Don't forget to submit your own game photo and story!

-Picture submitted by Robert of Bastrop, LA.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
It's time to set up your game cameras for scouting. Follow these tips to ensure spotting that trophy buck.

  • Make sure to mount the camera waist high, level with the ground, and aim away from the rising or setting sun.
  • Use an SD Card for added memory. These cards can hold from 500 to over 1,000 pictures! Remember, you must have your camera off to install the card.
Special Offer - Product for the Season
Keep hunters from knowing your feeder's position with Moultrie's Phantom Quiet Feeder.
  • Water-wheel dispenser provides trickle-like motion, dispensing food quietly
  • Adjustable feed setting of 4-16 seconds run time
  • Photocell timer
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