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With deer season in full swing throughout most of the country, many hunters may not be as prepared as they could be to find big bucks. Those hunting new areas or those unable to preseason scout this year are at a disadvantage to year-round scouters. There is hope, though. Last minute planning and scouting can help hunters bag this seasonís trophy. The first place to start your pre-hunt scout is at home, before you even set foot in the woods. Obtain a topographical map of the area that you plan to hunt.

Pre-Hunt Scouting
Moultrie's Monster Bucks Photo Contest
Moultrie Monster Bucks Photo Contest Visit Moultrie's Photo Gallery to see monster buck photos captured by our digital game cameras. Think you have a monster buck that tops them? Submit your photo for the chance to win great prizes. If your picture is chosen for our Monster Buck Gallery, you will receive a free Game Spy t-shirt. A grand prize winner will be chosen at the end of the contest and will win a Moultrie Camera Pack, which includes a Game Spy I-60 infrared digital game camera, digital picture viewer, game camera batteries and an SD card. Hurry, the contest ends November 15, 2007!
Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Tree stands have become an essential part of the hunt for many deer hunters. They provide many advantages, but also carry an element of danger. The following safety tips will help make sure you make it back for that big buck time after time:
  • Always read and understand the manufacturer's instructions and warnings
  • Inspect your stand before each use
  • Always use a full-body harness when using a tree stand
  • Take your time, never hurry in a tree stand
  • Make a plan, tell someone where you are going and when you should be back
Product for the Season
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