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For wildlife enthusiasts, if you want to enhance the game on your hunting spots, consider building food plots. Most hunters will tell you that strategically placed food plots are magnets for deer and turkey. If you build food plots, deer will not only come, they will grow larger and healthier. However, before you consider a food plot for this fall, there are a few things you need to consider.

Build food plots and deer will come
Taking a Monster Buck from Jessa's Stand
Mark Miller's Monster buck Oklahoma's Atoka County is known as a great spot for whitetails - heavily wooded ridges littered with acorns. This southeastern county hasn't yielded many Boone & Crockett bucks, in fact only two - a 210 2/8-inch non-typical, and a 177 6/8-inch typical. Like in most counties in the state, the bucks harvested there are 2 ˝ years old or younger - never reaching trophy potential. Nevertheless, Farris resident Mark Miller took a giant buck there last season, sporting a unique set of headgear, and certainly causing folks to take notice of the value of deer feeders and game cameras.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Moultrie's Grow the Hunt blog offers great game management tips and stories weekly. Here are just a few food plot tips that can be found on the site.

  • Consider building a "main" food plot as well as a smaller "staging" food plot that is more attractive to bigger bucks.
  • ATV broadcast spreaders are a quick and easy way to spread lime, fertilizer, and seed.
  • Create secret out of the way food plots close to natural corridors such as a creek drainage or transition area.
  • Place a game camera by food plots to see what type of game are using it.
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Product for the Season
Build and maintain food plots with Moultrie's Spreaders and Sprayers
  • Easily spread seed and fertilizer from your ATV with Moultrie's ATV Spreaders.
  • Spray hard-to-reach areas of fields and fence lines directly from your ATV or utility vehicle with Moultrie’s complete line of sprayers.
  • Choose from different models to meet your management needs.

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