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"In case you haven't noticed, food plots are the rage these days. Not only do they hold deer on your property, they can provide high-quality forage on marginal habitat and ultimately produce bigger, healthier whitetails. Planting and maintaining food plots is also a rewarding pastime and an off-season activity that just gets in your blood. Once you start, it's tough to quit," wrote David Hart in his informative article "From the Ground Up" featured in April's issue of Whitetail Journal.

Learn how to plant and maintain food plots
Firebreaks Make Good Food Plots
Firebreaks are great sites for food plots The National Wild Turkey Federation recently released Spring Tips 2007 for hunting and land management. Included was an article on how to make the most out of prescribed fire on your property. Every year, James Edmunds II, of Halifax, VA, uses prescribed fire on about 300 acres to enhance his property for wildlife. To keep the fire from moving into areas that do not need burning, Emunds - NWTF's 2006 Wild Turkey Woodlands award winner - has cut firebreaks around and through his property, which he plows before setting his burn.
Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
David Hart's food plot lesson continues: Some plants grow in the spring and summer and offer high-quality forage that helps antler growth. Others will help carry deer through lean times, but work more as attractants and are great for hunting over. Here's a look at various plants and their primary use:

  • White Clover: All-purpose plant that provides nutrition in the summer and forage in the fall and winter. Excellent hunting potential.
  • Alfalfa: Good summer nutrition and also favored in the fall and winter. Excellent hunting.
  • Iron peas: Great for nutrition.
  • Soybeans: Excellent summer forage with lots of protein. Also a very good early-season hunting plant.
  • Corn: Good for hunting but generally tough to grow.
Product for the Season
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