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Turkey Tune Up
Part 2

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In Moultrie's last newsletter, Mike Lambeth shared some time-tested tips to help hunters stack the odds of harvesting a turkey in their favor. In this week's issue, Lambeth shares a few more tricks to make your turkey season the most successful one ever.

Turkey Hunter
Edmond Hunter Gets Second Chance
Billie Willis' Buck Even though a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed from the chest down and confined to a wheel chair, Billie Willis does not let that deter him from hunting. Since Willis received a special permit allowing him to hunt from a stationary vehicle in 1994, Willis has taken many different animals with his crossbow. His latest buck was a 13 point that is believed to score near 170. Find out how Willis was able to take this nice Oklahoma buck.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Before you can even have a chance at calling in a turkey, you have to locate them. Here are a few tips to help you locate turkeys.

  • Turkeys will usually roost in the same trees over and over until they are disturbed.
  • When scouting for turkeys look for feathers, dung, and scratchings. A tom's droppings will look like a "J" and the hens will look more round and circular.
  • Scratchings and loose feathers will tell you which way the birds are heading to their feeding and dusting areas. Leaves will be kicked back in the opposite direction than they are heading.
  • An owl call will usually get a turkey to reveal his position to you before daylight.
  • If you aren't lucky enough to locate a gobbler on the roost try to evoke a shock gobble by using a crow call or Pileated woodpecker call.
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