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With turkey season quickly approaching across most of the country, now is the perfect time to start preparing and practicing for turkey hunting. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned hunter, the following tips will help you stack the odds of harvesting a mature gobbler in your favor. Be sure to check out next week's newsletter for Part 2 of our turkey tips.

Turkey Hunter
Bowhunting Boss Toms
Bowhunting Turkeys If you think you have mastered turkey hunting or if you just love a challenge, try turkey hunting with a bow. According to veteran hunter Alex Rutledge, "Hunting turkeys with a bow takes turkey hunting to a whole new dimension. Taking a turkey with a bow is very tough at best." Mike Lambeth shares what you need to know before heading into the turkey woods with a bow.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Turkey decoys help create realism in your turkey-hunting setup. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when using turkey decoys.
  • Set up decoys where turkeys can see them from a distance - along field edges, in a logging road, or in the open woods.
  • Put the Tom close to the Hen.
  • Set up decoys inside your pattern's range. Turkeys should head right to the decoys, so they'd better be in your shooting range.
  • Call as little as possible. Once the turkey is coming into the decoy keep quite so you do not give away your position.
  • Looks matter. Get the most life-like decoy you can find.
  • When using a decoy, always set up with safety in mind. Keep a large tree at your back and keep an eye out for other hunters that might be hunting your decoy.
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