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Weed Wars
By: Kent Kammermeyer

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Well, you thought you did everything right. Let's see; got that soil test, applied recommended lime and fertilizer, plowed vigorously and prepared a smooth seedbed, inoculated your legumes, carefully broadcasted your seed, covered lightly and prayed for rain. OK, then why are you standing here now and looking at an ugly patch of weeds choking out your deer plot? The reason is that the infestation does not really occur at planting, but several weeks or more down the road.

Weed Identification
Lucky Charms
Clover Food Plot Courtesy of the National Wild Turkey Federation

A four-leaf clover has always been considered a sign of good luck. For landowners, creating a pure stand of clover is a sign of good things to come. Clovers mean good hunting and a healthy herd for lucky hunters in the fall. Many species of clover are available, they are highly adaptable for use in many soil types and environmental conditions.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Keep these basic tips in mind when spraying your food plots:
  • Determine what type of plants you want to get rid of first, then choose the correct herbicide for the job
  • Follow all safety instructions listed on the label when mixing and applying chemicals
  • Know the size of your food plot. Using too much herbicide on an area is wasteful and increases the cost of spraying. Not using enough herbicide may make the treatment useless
  • Be sure to use the correct ratio of herbicide to water
  • Do not spray when it is windy. The drift can be harmful to the applicator and kill surrounding plants
  • Always be sure to clean your sprayer after each use
Product for the Season
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