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Moultrie's new 2007 Game Spy trail cameras are here, offering a whole new way to capture the hunt! With three different series to choose from, Moultrie built a camera to meet every hunter's need and budget. Each model features extended battery life and a quick response time. The much-anticipated I-series infrared trail cameras provide no white flash for added security to camera location. The M-series takes flash game cameras to the next level using white flash illumination instead of infrared. And the D-40 is a perfect choice for the beginner.

Moultrie Introduces New Game Spy Trail Camera Series
Innovative Game Feeders and Accessories
Moultrie's 2007 Game Feeders and Accessories Moultrie has worked hard all year to make managing your game easier. The All-in-One feeder series comes complete with everything you need to feed while the Easy-Fill Tripod is just that, easy to fill. The new 30-gallon directional feeder holds up to 200 pounds of feed, feeds up to 6 times and day and has a clear sight window to easily manage feed control. New accessories like the feeder screen to prevent clogs in feeders, a redesigned solar panel and Push n' Lock Pole Kit further simplify wildlife management.
Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Increase the Value of Your Hunting Land the Fast and Easy Way

The weather is warm and hunting season is over, it's the perfect time for hunters to scout land to purchase and lease. Now more than ever, people are buying or leasing property for recreation. Recreation is directly related to wildlife, and the more wildlife you have on your property, the more valuable your land is. But how do you prove to the buyer your land is worth the money? If you're thinking of selling or leasing your hunting property, game feeders and trail cameras are two of the best tools you can use to make a sale.
Product for the Season
Don't forget about Moultrie's 2006 Game Spy Cameras on close-out.
  • The Game Spy 100 and 200 are still on sale!
  • Digital game cameras with 30-ft flash range
  • Includes 128 MB SD card
$99.99 - $149.99! BUY NOW!
Moultrie's 2006 Game Spy Cameras
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