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Hemorrhagic Disease:
The Deer Plague of the
21st Century

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Every year, cases of Hemorrhagic disease in deer populations are reported across the nation. This devastating disease attacks a deer's blood clotting ability causing hemorrhaging in the organs and tissues of the animal's body. Last year, Kentucky experienced its worst outbreak in 30 years. Landowners reported finding over 700 deer carcasses in Western Kentucky alone. Find out how this disease is spread and what signs and symptoms to look for.

Hemorrhagic disease is spread by a small biting midge fly
Sherman's Homegrown Hat Rack
Sherman Wyman's management plan pays off After purchasing an over-grazed cattle ranch in North Central Texas, Sherman Wyman knew that the quality of deer on the property would never produce the kinds of trophy bucks that make Texas famous. What Wyman's property needed was a whitetail makeover. Learn how Wyman's hard work and management paid off, resulting in a naturally-grown 30-point trophy buck that officially scored in at 227 5/8.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Hunting season is just around the corner, get an edge this year by mounting your scouting cameras early. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your game camera:
  • Make sure you mount the camera mid-thigh high and level to the ground
  • Be sure to use the laser aim feature to position the camera
  • Use shorter delay times on trails, when animals are just passing by
  • Longer time delays should be used on food plots and mineral licks or by feeders, when the animals will be lingering in the area
  • Purchase a camera with long battery life to save on trips in and out of the field.
  • Purchase additional SD cards so you can replace the full card with a blank card and take the pictures home to save to your computer
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