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Every season, a lucky hunter bags a deer and utters the phrase, "I've never seen this buck before." Technology has made it easier than ever to track and pattern your deer herd's movements. With temperature, moon phase and even barometric pressure readings, the latest scouting cameras give you the information you need to pattern your deer. The tricky part is getting your deer in front of that camera.

Attract deer to your scouting camera
New Game Spy Cameras Speak for Themselves
Photos captured by Moultrie's 2007 Game Spy Cameras A photo is worth . . . well, you know the saying. Every day Moultrie receives pictures captured by the new Game Spy cameras. The Photo Gallery is loaded with great shots from both infrared and flash camera models. Don't forget to stop by the Movie Room and view video montages put together by Game Spy owners. Submit your own Game Spy photo or video today!
Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Get the most out of your digital game cameras:
  • Make sure to mount your game camera waist high, level with the ground, and aim away from the rising or setting sun.
  • Use an SD Card for additional memory. The latest Moultrie scouting cameras can hold up to a 4GB SD card, giving you thousands of pictures.
  • Choose the right digital game camera for your needs. If security is a factor, purchase a game camera with an infrared flash like Moultrie's I-series cameras.
Product for the Season
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