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Many hunters and landowners regularly plant food plots or provide supplemental feed to their deer only in the fall season - this is one of the most common mistakes hunters make. If you want to build a healthier deer herd with larger bodies and antlers, you should provide high quality feeds when deer need them most - late winter, early spring, and summer. Maximizing protein levels during these periods will help insure optimum body growth and antler development.

Common Feeding 

New in Digital Cameras
New in Digital Cameras Many hunters plan their hunting schedule around the lunar calendar and weather patterns. Moultrie's new Game Spy 200 helps hunters track game by displaying the moon phase and current temperature reading on every photo taken along with the date, time and camera ID. By providing temperature readings on photos, hunters are able to see the movement of game on their property based on conditions that cause temperature changes, such as, movement of weather fronts, precipitation and more. The moon phase reading will also help hunters see game movement during different lunar phases. Tracking the movement of game on your property helps you track your next move and plan for a successful season.
Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
What You Can Do Now for Next Season

  • Post Season Scouting - start searching for sheds.
  • Initiate Prescribed Burns.
  • Create or Alter Trails.
  • Create Brush Pile for Small Game.
  • Reposition and Move Stands.
  • Put Feeders Out.
Product for the Season
Replace older feeders with Moultrie's Game Pro Feeder.
  • 30 gallon plastic barrel holds up to 200lbs. of food
  • Programmable up to 16 times a day
  • Durable yet lightweight design makes it easy to move from one location to another
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Pro Feeder
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