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"Rather than just taking random photos of bucks that pass in front of the camera take a complete a census of your deer herd", suggests Brian Murphy of QDMA. "To take a complete census, having one camera per every 100 acres is suggested. The camera needs to be set near a desirable food source like corn in the late summer or early fall. The census should only run for about 10 days, and research has shown this type of census will capture 95% of a deer herd from any given piece of property."

How to Census your Deer Herd
Dan Speaks on Successful Food Plots
Dan Speaks on Successful Food Plots
"I want to start a food plot on my lease property, but where do I start?" That's a question I'm asked a lot. I like to give folks this simple formula for creating successful plots.

First Survey your location. Find an area where the soil is adaptable to the type of food plot you want to put in and make it accessible during the hunting season.
Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Time to spruce up those feeders and make sure they are in working order. Dan Moultrie offers some simple tips for keeping feeders running long and strong.

"It's always good to service any mechanical item whether it's your car or feeder. These are easy things I do every Fall to keep my feeders running smooth"
  • Keep your feeder's alligator clips free of rust by using a ladies' finger nail file to rub it away? This keeps the connection to the battery strong.
  • Anything with a motor needs WD40! Spray lubricant around the spinner plate to loosen and keep rust away.
  • Buy a battery tester! When you go to fill up your feeder bring along a simple battery tester. This will take the guess-work out of how much life is left in your battery.
Product for the Season
Quickly plant and fertilize food plots this season with Moultrie's Food Plot Spreader.
  • Convenient shut off regulates amount of seed dispensed
  • Load capacity of 50 lbs.
  • Fits on all ATV models
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Food Plot Spreader
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