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After filling the feeder, he pressed a button and for nearly 10 seconds small floating pellets were hurled across the water. Within seconds, scores of whiskered tentacles began probing the surface after finding the "manna" from Heaven, and soon a feeding frenzy erupted. The water boiled as the once small, hatchery-sized channel catfish - now averaging 4 to 5 pounds apiece - devoured the floating protein. This is just one experience outdoor writer Mike Lambeth shares as he witnessed first-hand the benefits of using an automatic fish feeder. Follow along as Lambeth learns about fish feeders.

Fish Feeding
Moultrie Introduces New 30-Gallon FeedCaster Pro Fish Feeder
30-Gallon FeedCaster Pro More and more people are purchasing recreational properties with ponds or lakes. Moultrie's new 30-gallon FeedCaster Pro provides a reliable, economical solution for lake and pond management. FeedCaster Pro features a programmable, digital timer allowing you to feed the exact amounts up to six times per day. An easy-access control box encases the battery and timer in a weatherproof case. Made of heavy-duty plastic FeedCaster Pro's barrel will not rust and holds up to 100 lbs of feed extending the time between refills. Moultrie provides carefree feeding helping you grow larger, healthier fish.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
According to Auburn University Extension Specialist and Associate Professor of Fisheries Department Rusty Wright, the drought that affected most of the South last summer caused many negative effects on recreational fish ponds. In order to correct the negative effects the drought caused and return the the balance of fish populations, Wright suggests pond owners do the following:
  • If fertilization is planned, start the process early to help prevent weeds and stimulate the growth and reproduction of bluegill
  • Control the persistent filamentous algae before they get completely out of hand
  • Control fire ant mounds around the pond without using insecticides in areas water will rise
  • Actively harvest the bass to allow bluegills to rebuild their populations

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