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Pond Owners Face Fish Kills

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According to an article written by Dan Catchings, Alabama's District II Fisheries Supervisor, an occasional problem that confronts pond owners is the loss of part or all of the fish population in their ponds because of a fish kill. The article, posted by Outdoor Alabama, states that fish kills can eliminate or severely reduce the sport fishing provided by ponds. Basic knowledge of the causes and symptoms of fish kills and possible remedial measures will be advantageous to the pond owner.

Pond Owners Face Fish Kills
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Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Proper pond management can result in a sustainable, healthy fish population as well as provide excellent angling opportunities for family and friends. The following guidelines from Outdoor Alabama will help get you started feeding bream:

  • Use a small fingerling catfish pelleted feed with at least 25% protein.
  • First task is to train the bream to readily consume the floating feed. Start by feeding a small amount of feed from the same location and at the same time daily.
  • Once the bream are readily consuming the feed, provide no more than they can consume in 15 minutes.
  • Do not excedd the maximum daily feeding rate of 10 lbs. per acre - supplying more than this amount could lead to a fish kill due to oxygen depletion.
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