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How to Have a Successful Food-Plot Program

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Knowing the exact food-plot area, whether measured in square feet or acres, might be the most important, but most overlooked, component of a successful food-plot program. We put a lot of time and effort into preparing our food plots, selecting the right plants, and even calibrating our planting or spraying equipment to deliver the correct amount of seed or herbicide. But how many of us have "guesstimated" the size of the food plot we are about to plant?

Successful Food-Plot Program
Take Full Advantage of Your Hunting Club During Summer
Summer Hunting Clubs John Phillips wrote a great article in Woods and Water Wildlife magazine about a few simple steps hunters can take to make their hunting club year-round for the family and not just in the fall for hunting. Many hunting clubs have great natural or man-made sources of water such as a lake or pond that can be taken advantage of during the spring and summer months for fishing.

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques
Improve the Quality of Natural Food on Your Hunting Land

  • Fertilize abandoned pastures, clearings, logging roads, etc. just before a rain. Forbs plants, non-grass plants which are extremely high in protein, often lay dormant in clearings throughout the woods.
  • Fertilize naturally-occurring fruit trees. This will increase the amount of fruit trees on your property and improve the quality of the fruit they yield.
  • Fertilize nut trees. After you fertilize acorn trees, the trees will produce more acorns than if left unfertilized.
  • Plant green fields adjacent to thick cover. Deer are more likely to feed in areas they feel safe.
Product for the Season
Plant and fertilize food plots with Moultrie's Food Plot Spreader.
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  • Heavy-duty ABS plastic hopper holds up to 50 lbs.
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